Social Sustainability

The broken window theory highlights how our behavior is formed by our surroundings. In neighborhoods with disorder, where windows remain broken, people are given the signal that societal rules are out of place. A spiral of negative behavior arises. But that spiral can be turned into a positive one, by repairing the windows. Often, preventive social work can change behaviors and lead to significant social and economic benefits. Sanandaji Consultancy has developed a method for governments and insurance companies to calculate the future socioeconomic cost of various forms of social and health exclusion.

In one widely cited study, Sanandaji Consultancy calculated and estimated the socioeconomic cost of school failure in all of the municipalities of Sweden. In another study, the same calculation was performed for extensive sick leave. By using this method, it is possible to look at public spending for Social Sustainability as an investment that leads to economic benefits in the near future rather than expenses.

Dr Sanandaji has, for instance, co-authored Utanförskapets Pris, (The Price of Social Exclusion) the leading book about Social Sustainibility in Sweden, as well as the follow-up Vägen till Social Hållbarhet (The Route to Social Sustainibility).

We can offer fully-fledged solutions and strategies to make your business socially sustainable. Our approach is based on Shared Value, a strategy through which a company’s competitiveness is lifted simultaneously as social objectives are achieved. Through this approach, sustainability does not become a cost to be avoided, but rather something that businesses compete to achieve.